How to use PayPal and Stripe to vend online without having a website?

How to use PayPal and Stripe to vend online without having a website?

How to use Paypal or Stripe to vend online without having a particular or company website.  

 Are you looking to vend a service online but you don’t have the budget to invest in erecting a website?

Everyone can vend online without inescapably having a website, as a customer/ business proprietor you just need a Paypal or Stripe regard and your bank account.  

 Every existent can vend online without indeed creating or retaining a website, paying for a sphere and hosting package. 

How can this be functional for different individualities and business possessors?  

 The moment the existent has their own Paypal and/ or Stripe account, they can ask their guests to buy a different service just by entering their card details and completing their sale. 

Let’s see in detail the Paypal and Stripe platform.  

 Paypal and Stripe 

Paypal is an electronic online structure that undertakes payments and helps guests or business possessors to complete online deals. Every customer will bear to produce their own Paypal account allowing them to connect their own bank account or credit card with this online platform. 

In practice, when the existent has a Paypal or Stripe regard, they can produce a trade structure for a specific service or a product package. The existent can add further details for the specific service to the platform similar as: 

  •  What service they can offer 
  •  The title 
  • The price and affiliated reduction 
  •  farther details about the service 
  •  Duration of the session. 

 Once this is enforced in the PayPal and/ or Stripe platform, a link is created; for a client to finalize the purchase, they just need to click on the link and fill out their particular data and credit card details. 

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